Sunday, January 1, 2017

Get Feedback (tip from Marcus Lemonis)

If you are a business leader, here is one thing you can do to improve: Get MORE Feedback. 

 Now you might be doing well in this area, and if so - good for you.  But for some leaders, they really need to take a concerted look at this area. 

Seriously think about whether or not you have an open door for "honest" feedback from employees, customers, investors, onlookers, etc. 

Many people do not.  They become insulted with feedback or they take comments too personally. Pride might get in the way or you might feel beat up from negative feedback. And then sometimes we get so offended that we get mad at the messenger of feedback we do not like, which I think is one reason why people hold back from giving honest opinions.  Of course there needs to be the right setting and relationship in place to give certain feedback, but too often we miss out because we are not open to feedback, 

In the above photos from Marcus Lemonis, via his show The Profit, we see where he sought experts in an area (pie recipes) to get seasoned feedback about recipes.  

In the second photo, we see a taste test of pie where employees and owners also gave feedback.

So many episodes of The Profit highlight how their is strength in unity and how businesses will be more successful when their is INPUT and DISCUSSION.

It is so frustrating to be part of an organization that has some "issues" and they want to improve, but they fail to solicit advice.  Actually, I am thinking of a small non-profit local business in our area that struggles with this area. 
Not only do they NOT seem open for feedback, but I know someone who wants to offer some tips (things they have observed) and they are afraid to speak up. 

Isn't this wrong??

To not be open for feedback and to put out a vibe that makes someone feel afraid to mention their observations - that is wrong.  That is lose-lose. 

So leaders - please stay open for feedback and communicate this openness if you want to improve. 

Really look at this area and see how you can fortify.  If you do not know where to start - maybe you can watch some episodes of The Profit to get ideas.  Or dust off the lock on your wallet and invest a few dollars for consultant advice and get some fresh ideas that way.  Your business can improve greatly when you have an open system of feedback.  Not could the business function better, but the people involved benefit from the healthiness. For example, the person that is "afraid" to speak up at this local non-profit has some frustration to deal with - and some disappointment,  They want to use a bit of their seasoned advice (though observing) to help the business, and they feel irritated to not be able to contribute.  In contrast, their can be a lot more fulfillment when folks are allowed to at least speak up and offer their opinion.  Even if the business chooses to not act on such feedback - the person can have the satisfaction of at least trying. 

This does not just apply to businesses, this applies to family life and any situation where there is a team or group of people working together.  Input and feedback is an important part of success. 

Have a great day and Happy New Year.